Everything is possible: Fortnite mocks a Mistborn crossover

Everything is possible: fortnite mocks a mistborn crossover

The Marvel movie universe? No. Hip-hop icon? Get out of here. A series of fantasy books that sold at Barnes & Noble? I suppose? Burn your bingo cards, because Fortnite’s latest crossover seems to be based on Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn novels.

Fortnite’s official Twitter account left the teaser in mid-Thursday, with a quote from the books.

The quote says "You are what they call the survivor; these scars on your arm give you away. You are a cause of trouble."

The quote refers to Kelsier, an important character in the Mistborn novels.

Despite being a decent reader of fantasy and science fiction (I love a good novel by Drizzt, or John Scalzi), I’ll admit I don’t know Mistborn out forever, always seeing him on bookstore shelves. A quick dive through the rabbit hole tells me that Mistborn is following a young thief named Vin in a dark world dominated by powerful magic. She learns that she is one of the Mistborn, a being who can use metal particles to dramatically improve her skills. Kelsier, his mentor, is the leader of a religion known as the Church of the Survivor, and his crew works to overthrow an empire.

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(Image credit: Brandon Sanderson)

They seem like pretty simple fantasy stuff, but it doesn’t get as big as Mistborn without having nice characters and dramas, so I’m willing to bet that things will evolve dramatically as they progress.

The scars mentioned in the tweet refer to Kelsier’s weapons, which were healed from his years in the Hathsin Pits, a mining facility run by convicted men.

It is still unclear what form this Mistborn cross will take. Personally, I think Fortnite season 7 is unlikely to have a Mistborn theme. There is too much evidence that will focus on aliens and UFOs in some way. That being said, it's quite possible that a Mistborn character may appear as a battle skin or an item store skin available for purchase.

It may also appear as the next version of Fortnite Crew, to which players subscribe month after month.

Brandon Sanderson is also known for finishing writing on the wheel of time, which took over from Robert Jordan after the author's untimely death. Overall, Sanderson has sales estimated at $ 15 million in all of its series. Mistborn: The Final Empire (the first book in the trilogy) was first published in 2006 and ended the trilogy just two years later with Mistborn: The Hero of Ages. Among other versions, he began a series of sequels to Mistborn with Alloy of Law in 2011.

His most recent work is the Stormlight Archives series, which began in 2010.

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