EVGA explains why some of its RTX 3090s exploded in the New World

Evga explains why some of its rtx 3090s exploded in the new world

EVGA has explained why its GeForce RTX 3090 failed in the new world of Amazon, which will be launched soon, and it seems that, after all, it’s not the fan controllers who have been to blame. Instead, after some serious research into the problem of X-rays, he pointed with embarrassment at a skewered weld of MOSFETs on a small batch of cards.

He told EVGA (via PC World) only received about two dozen RTX 3090 deaths that had not been able to reproduce the beta version of the New World. While it has not disclosed how many RTX 3090s it has sold, this small batch of defective cards accounted for significantly less than 1% of the total.

EVGA sent Replacement RTX 3090 for affected players after the story was broken and did not wait for the failed cards to be returned first. Turn a potential public relations disaster into a victory, as this is not very common.

The original problem with the cards was highlighted by the fact that the New World menu screen was not limited to frame rate, which caused the cards to reach a ridiculously high number. The initial solution was to set a 60 fps limit on the game, although the developers implemented a frame rate limit fairly quickly. The problem, at least for this game, was quickly resolved.

By revealing what the problem really was, EVGA has been quick to overturn some of the theories about what was behind the problem. “By no means is it related to the fan controller,” a company spokesman said.

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He also noted that third-party tools, such as GPU-Z and HWInfo, were misreporting data from fan controllers, which was where many theories originated. Meanwhile, EVGA's own reporting tool, Precision X1, showed what was really going on with the fan controller. It is worth taking this tool if you have an EVGA RTX 3090, as it will indicate if a microcontroller update is available, which should mean that third-party tools also report the data correctly.

New World will launch on September 28, with an open beta weekend scheduled for September 9.

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