EVGA GPU fans are trying to reach 200,000 RPM in the New World, which could explain a fried chip or two

Evga gpu fans are trying to reach 200,000 rpm in the new world, which could explain a fried chip or two

EVGA's problem with its RTX 3090 graphics cards and Amazon's New World may not be limited to these GPUs. Or even just this game. After researching the subject in detail, the German technology site, Igor Laboratories, has found that fans of the affected cards are trying to reach ridiculously high speeds and that hardware control is most likely to blame.

If you run fan control software on the affected cards, you will briefly detect some ridiculous fan speeds. Igor managed to do just that with a GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra, where fan speeds rose briefly from the more regular 2,400 RPM to over 200,000 RPM. Gulp.

Obviously, fans can’t spin so fast, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. With all the complaints of anyone who has an ear. Something fundamental is clearly wrong here, and in case you’re wondering, it also has no effect setting your own fan speeds, either manually or by creating your own fan profiles.

It seems that the only answer is to reduce the power limit of the GPU to 50-60%. That way, the card never pushes so hard that it becomes a problem. As a serious, GPU destruction problem.

At least EVGA has said it will replace the affected cards if they have been fixed by the New World beta issues.

This fan problem isn’t even reserved in the New World main menu, as previously thought, where you can get percentages of frames in thousands. It can also happen when you’re really playing the game. Under normal circumstances, the user probably wouldn't notice these small photos, but save a fan speed record and you'll see the problem soon.

Nor does it affect the New World alone, as the Anno 1800 also features outrageously high fan speeds, especially when opening the menu or accessing descriptions. These are times when the frame rate can suddenly increase, although it should be mentioned that we have not heard any notification about the frequency of the RTX 3090 with Anno 1800.

This may point to the underlying problem with hardware control silicon on EVGA cards. When up to 1,000-2,000 fps occurs, it means that the frames are displayed in less than 1 ms, which can be faster than the monitoring chip can respond to. Fan speed increases, power consumption goes off the lists, and the card fails.

The best solution seems to be for EVGA to release a firmware update for the affected cards, which Igor believes should be possible. However, we will have to see how EVGA responds to these latest investigations.

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