Fall Guys gets some adorable Tron skins

Fall guys gets some adorable tron skins

In the endless procession of skins inspired by pop culture in games, Mediatonic has announced four Tron-themed costumes that will hit Fall Guys next week.

In line with the futuristic theme of season 4 neon, the bean-shaped versions of Tron, Sark, Rinzler and Quorra will arrive on May 24th. Sark will be available in the store for 22,000 congratulations, while a DLC pack containing three other characters with all their neon retro glory will be available for purchase.

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They’re pretty cute when it comes to small round bean costumes, and they’re certainly prettier than some of the most unknown collaboration costumes we’ve had: looking at you, Cuphead and his friend Mugman. We have yet to see again what seemed like a very heavy track for the future inclusion of skins Among Us.

Season 4 of Fall Guys debuted in late March, with the big mid-season update falling last week. He added some new rounds and an almost complete crossover game with PlayStation 4 players, only being unable to create cross-platform parties.

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