Falling Nvidia and AMD graphics card prices in Germany make us look forward to PC creation in 2021

Falling nvidia and amd graphics card prices in germany make us look forward to pc creation in 2021

If you want to get a graphics card in 2021, you need to be prepared to keep an eye on the stock or pay the odds. Unfortunately, this is still the case today, but the latest price figures are good news 3DCenter suggest that graphics card prices are falling in Germany.

According to figures from German retailers, collected by 3DCenter at irregular intervals during the year so far (via Videocardz): The prices of the latest Nvidia and AMD graphics cards have dropped to 153% MSRP, on average. There is still much more to pay for a graphics card it should to be able to buy at MSRP, but it’s a damn better sign than 304% of MSRP, which was the average selling price of an Nvidia GPU in mid-May.

A month and a half later, we are looking for a much more favorable GPU market, if not quite where we would like it to be.

Prices for Nvidia GeForce RTX Series 30 GPUs have apparently declined at a faster rate than the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series. However, it’s worth noting that these same cards also reach highs during peak inflation.

The average price for one Currently, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 in Germany ranges between 799 and 1,490 euros, compared to 1,498 and 1,649 euros on May 16. It was launched for 519 euros.

The AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT is available for € 1,089-1,499, which was available for € 649 at launch. It is true that since then it has been a hard card to find in stock.

There are a multitude of factors at play in the increase in graphics card price tags during the first half of 2021. Overall, however, the price increase was due to demand that outstripped supply. , which certainly worsened severely due to an increase in mining interest in cryptocurrencies.

Nvidia geforce rtx 3080 ti founders edition graphics cards from multiple angles on a desktop

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The introduction of a cryptocurrency mining limiter on all 30 RTX series GPUs may be the reason for a decrease in the demand for graphics cards in the cryptographic band and the consequent fall in price tags. However, this does not explain the AMD slide, which may point to a generally more robust GPU supply chain than we have seen in previous months.

The 3DCenter report seems to corroborate this and states that GPU delivery quantities are now "currently sufficient" for the quieter summer period.

So, in Germany, things are looked at, at least. According to reports, China also suffered some calm in the demand for cryptocurrencies, partly due to a lot of crackdown on mining, we could see an improvement in prices in other regions as supply stabilizes. There are also reports of GPU prices are falling in Russianor is it an isolated case.

However, it is important to keep expectations in line. Graphics card prices remain above the MSRP and supply may not return to normal for some time, and when that changes, it is important to try to find a graphics card in the honest way instead of putting money in your pocket. of the floggings of crypto-miners. some GPUs worn out by the odds of recovering their losses.

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