Fallout finds strange Soviet science fiction in the high-story Encased RPG

Fallout finds strange soviet science fiction in the high-story encased rpg

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXBtGDiBe3Y (/ embed)

We first saw Encased in 2019, describing it as a game inspired by Fallout 2 that "was becoming the kind of free-form role-playing game we can get lost in." Set in a tall 1976 story, it all takes place inside a giant, mysterious dome in the wilderness, full of incredible advanced technology that could take humanity hundreds of years into the future in an instant.

There’s only one problem: rather like a science fiction hotel in California, the living creatures that enter the dome can never leave. Inanimate objects can, which means all this sweet technology is accessible, but only if you can find people willing to sign up for the job … forever. And so we have the new “recruitment” trailer revealed today on Koch Media’s live stream, which reveals a bit about what life really is like under the dome.

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