Fallout: The London mod writer gets a job at Bethesda

Fallout: the london mod writer gets a job at bethesda

Again during this year’s fake E3, we said the best announcement of the event was really Fallout: London, a Fallout 4 mod that sells the American coasts for good old England. We’re still waiting to see if her awesome trailer can deliver on her mutant cockney promises and anything, but obviously Bethesda is happy enough with the project to hire the writer.

He Fallout: London equipment announced last Friday this lead writer, Stephanie Zachariadis, has been hired as an associate mission designer for Bethesda.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS-EQG0C1sM [/ embed]

"This is absolutely fantastic news and something that the entire FOLON team keeps behind, and we wholeheartedly wish you the best in your endeavors," the statement said. "We hope it gives them the same story and innovative missions they gave us. Stephanie has been a pillar of support for the team and has helped create a fantastic and interesting story and dialogue that we believe you will truly enjoy. And we only know that he will bring these talents to Todd [Howard] 's own writing board. "

Fallout: London is described by the mod team as a "DLC-sized" adventure set in 2237, and the team is doing a lot to distance itself from the heavy American tradition of basic gaming. They have come to establish that Vault-Tec had no presence in the UK and that no super mutants appeared either due to the fact that the forced evolutionary virus was not there.

The Fallout: London team says Zachariadis has completed "everything he needed by his side". The mod team says they will hire a new editor-in-chief, but will work with the assumption that they will complete the remaining dialogue and make no changes to the search. In the meantime, the creative director of the team and the project manager will coordinate things.

According to his LinkedIn, Zachariadis ’biggest writing credit is, in fact, the Fallout: London project, but he also wrote for the Fallout: Miami fan mod. He has also won several screenplay awards at various film festivals. Zachariadis will no longer contribute to Fallout: London, however, because Bethesda has a strict rule without clarity, especially for working on mod teams.

It will probably be a while before you see Zachariadis' work fully incorporated into a Bethesda game, whether in the Fallout, Elder Scrolls or Starfield universe. In the meantime, you can try it through Fallout: London trailer. Personally, I can't wait for an irradiated garbage man to explain to me what "devils" mean.

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