Fans have resurrected the weird and beloved Metal Gear Online 2 from the PS3 to the PC

Fans have resurrected the weird and beloved metal gear online 2 from the ps3 to the pc [/ embed]

Hiding in a box to trick a deliberately ignorant artificial intelligence guard is nice. But throwing this trick at another human being – that's what's good. Konami made possible the defeat of the multiplayer embarrassment in 2005 with a multiplayer add-on to Metal Gear Solid 3 called Metal Gear Online. Buying a network adapter to connect to PlayStation 2 took a lot of work, so MGO didn’t last long: the servers were dead in 2007. But Metal Gear Online 2 was different. It was released with PlayStation 3’s Metal Gear Solid 4, and people loved it. From time to time I still see posts about MGO2 ahead of its time, and fans sure did a great shipment when the servers shut down in 2012. Or yes?

Okay, so they did. Konami closed it. MGO2 was dead for a long time. But in PC games, nothing has to stay dead forever and a heroic team of developers has brought the game back to life with a custom version of the PS3 RPCS3 emulator. It has been reborn, as you can see in the previous trailer, as MGO2PC.

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