Far Cry 6 introduces limited third-person perspectives into the series

Far cry 6 introduces limited third-person perspectives into the series

Far Cry 6 will remove the camera from the head of the protagonist Dani for selective scenarios, camps and combat moments, Ubisoft confirmed in an interview with GameSpot this week.

During last week’s game revelation trailer, we caught a few moments of third-person action (especially when using one of the game’s rocket backpacks). But it looks like Far Cry 6 will delve into third-person views more often, a sharp break with a series that firmly clings to first-person perspectives throughout its history.

"In the cinematic realm, the team (in the third person) is something that the team tried at the beginning, and it felt surprisingly smooth," the narrative director of GameSpot told GameSpot. Ubisoft, Navid Khavari. "At the time it seemed like there was more connection to Dani's journey into the world, rather than connection to this epic story in Yara."

Even with the character customization of Far Cry 5, this game never took the opportunity to showcase your character in cut scenes. But you’ll even be able to stroll through Far Cry 6’s guerrilla camps in first or third person, showing off your costumes and loads while chatting with your fellow revolutionaries.

"At Guerrilla Camps, this is also an opportunity for players to see their totally personalized character, from the backpack to the clothes."

Unfortunately, it cannot be played throughout the game in the third person. Khavari noted that leaving the camp will change the camera back to Dani's skull, it will only appear when the game's "supreme" backpacks are used so players can see all the effects of the backpack and feel better. impact on action ".

Far Cry 6 may add a third-party view, but unfortunately it will too losing the basic map editor of the series. Contrary to Khavari’s previous statements, he will also have a lot of politics, although it remains to be seen the most important question of what these policies are or what the game has to say about them.

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