Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will have about 30% more scenes and scenes than Shadowbringers

Final fantasy 14: endwalker will arrive on november 23, check out the new 6-minute trailer [/ embed]

When it releases on November 23, Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will be the most important of its four expansions. It is ending an 11-year historical arc involving dozens of characters and places like the nations of Eorzea finally brings the fight to the evil Garlean Empire. If there is any opportunity for previous expansions, it will be an exciting and exciting climax, and game director Naoki Yoshida says the development team is making every stop to achieve it.

It seems to me that it will, in general, be a much more solid experience than previous installments.

Naoki Yoshida

In an interview last week, I asked Yoshida how Endwalker compares to the current expansion, Shadowbringers in terms of story and cut scenes. "In a simple comparison between the two," Yoshida replied, "I would say the amount has increased 1.3 times more."

In making it, Yoshida says there were times when the development team thought he had bitten more than he could chew. “When we were looking at it, I honestly thought it would be too big,” Yoshida said. "It was too much, and it would become crucial in our schedule. So I thought if we needed to shave part of the plot that is unraveling, but considering how we should month adjustments to shave any part of the story — which would mean even more work — I made the decision to go ahead with what we have. "

However, this additional weight is not immediately seen when comparing Endwalker's features with previous expansions. For several years now, Final Fantasy 14 has been adhering to a template in terms of major versions and expansion versions. Endwalker, like previous extensions, will add two new jobs, The Reaper and Sage, a handful of new areas to explore, two new forays and lots of dungeons and a new race to play. But Yoshida expects players to notice a leap in the quality of these features.

"Looking at the content of the battle and the general elements included in the expansion package, the number of instance dungeons will not change, nor will we ever decrease," Yoshida said. "So the number of dungeons is the same as Shadowbringers, but the amount of work we do there has certainly increased. From the background environment, the mechanics and some of the battle presentations, we have taken more account of the individual elements that go into this content. I feel that it will generally be a much more solid experience than the previous quotas. "

But, seeing as Endwalker serves as the finale for an 11-year story, it’s the missions and characters that Yoshida hopes will really scare fans away. "We've definitely put a lot more into the story as well. We want people to have that experience and be playing through the game, and there are times that I hope will also affect emotionally. We've taken on a lot of new system challenges, the battles incorporate new mechanics as an element of surprise, so I hope the players try it and see it with their own eyes.It is very difficult the time that the development team is dedicated to everything, we want to give you the novelty and the novelty. We are simply passionate about what we offer. "

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is released on November 23, 2021. However, preorders can jump a few days earlier.

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