Final Fantasy 14 had such a large increase in players that Square Enix was temporarily left without digital copies

Final fantasy 14 had such a large increase in players that square enix was temporarily left without digital copies

Out of the old guard, Final Fantasy 14 is probably the big success story of contemporary MMOs: continually updated with expansions that delight the player base and revitalize their world, telling shared stories that feel meaningful the way few manage. MMO and attract more and more players through word of mouth. And this weekend it became so popular that Square Enix somehow ran out of digital copies.

How detected by u / Polydopamine over the weekend, the Square Enix online store had zero stock of Final Fantasy 14 (though you could join a waiting list) and also didn’t allow players to create new characters on any server.

The day ffxiv could not be bought.

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That’s how you might expect a temporary lock, and I’ve checked it out and the game is now available as a digital edition again, but what it shows is a massive increase in popularity almost at the same time it goes into World of Warcraft via some difficulties with its player base.

This link between the two games has not been broken: Final Fantasy 14 spent some time last weekend, reaching its highest number of competing players of all time on Steam. This was largely attributed to the hugely popular World of Warcraft transmitter, Asmongold, who decided to try out the rival MMO for the first time while being watched by more than 200,000 people (some idiots tried to ruin the fun but largely failed).

This isn't the first time that Final Fantasy 14 has had to temporarily stop taking on new players: there was a big bug during the release of A Realm Reborn, and smaller ones around other expansions. But then we talk about the first days of major expansions. Endwalker is not scheduled until November 23rd.

I asked Square Enix for feedback on what happened and they told me that the company cannot comment at this time. The spokesman added that he "shouldn't have" been left without codes, but is still under investigation.

Aside from the massive rises in the player base, I love that Square Enix has released a trailer for a comparison tool (along with a content roadmap, also visible via this link). It’s a good comparison tool, as these things work, but hey.

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Finally: If you can’t get enough Final Fantasy 14 into your life, a cookbook will arrive. It's not a joke. It will feature a prologue by game director and producer Naoki Yoshida, while "Magnificent photos of finished recipes help ensure success."

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“This volume provides numerous tips on how to make the most of your ingredients,” the comment says. "Start the day with Farmer's Breakfast, a very famous and simple yet delicious dish; savor Coerthas' gentleman's bread; immerse yourself in La Noscea's Rolanberry Cheesecake and many more."

Well, PC Gamer knows a person who will make their reservation.

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