Foreigners have begun kidnapping Fortnite players

Foreigners have begun kidnapping fortnite players

A new twist has come to Fortnite’s absurd and never-ending narrative, as aliens have reportedly begun snatching players directly from the actual battle.

As reported The player, several Fortnite players have reported that they have been "kidnapped" by UFOs that have begun circulating on the island of the assassination. The kidnappings appear to be limited to Risky Reels, with recordings showing players wrapped in a ray of green light before being thrown into a field; his memories were allegedly erased from everything that happened aboard the spacecraft.

Another Redditor gave us a look at the kidnapping from the outside, as an unfortunate player is slowly but surely sucked into a tunnel of light. Now, if you were a particularly insensitive player, you would think that these viewers would be a great way to increase your Battle Royale score.

Foreigners have been mocking his arrival at Fortnite for some time, with crop circles, downed helicopters and cryptic radio messages foreshadowing his arrival. It seems that direct kidnappings are still a bit scarce, though I imagine they will increase in frequency as we approach any Independence Day style scenario that is about to hit Fortnite.

This cataclysm will likely occur once season 6 gives way to season 7. The current season will end next Monday, June 7th. To get a better idea of ​​what crossovers may come with the new season, can I just recommend that you check out Donald Mustard’s reading list by mistake?

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