Former head of studio Shadow of Mordor is playing an open world adventure game with EA

Former head of studio shadow of mordor is playing an open world adventure game with ea

EA has announced that Kevin Stephens will officially join his company to create an open world action-adventure game. Stephens is a former head of studio at Monolith, the developer of Warner Bros. responsible for Earth-Middle: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

In an interview with, Samantha Ryan, senior vice president of EA, who is also the former president of Monolith Productions, described the action-adventure genre as "hugely important" for the gaming industry and hopes the new game introduce new players to the genre. He also confirmed that the studio is still in its early days, uncovering key business issues such as the size of the studio and the focus of its games. EA wants to learn more about the study later this year.

Stephens ’background with Middle-earth games makes him a good choice for directing an open world game and the genre is as popular as ever, with games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla and the next Biomutant offering players huge worlds to play. While the last Mordor games were news after Warner Bros. & # 39; much discussed decision patent the Nemesis system (this makes it a good reminder of an interesting idea that Monolith brought to the table and we can only hope there are more.

It is estimated that EA would like to get a piece of the open world cake, as these games are underrepresented in the publisher's library. Anthem is an open world game and could be called Dragon Age: Inquisition in the adjacent open world, both developed by Bioware, but despite having a Star Wars license for years, EA never released a Star Wars open world game, for example, with this work finally going to Ubisoft Massive. While it’s not known if the new studio will develop an entirely new IP, there aren’t many current EA games that seem very appropriate for the genre. Either way, we’ll hear more over time.

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