Fortnite leakers say Lebron James comes to the game as the skin of the Icon Series

Fortnite leakers say lebron james comes to the game as the skin of the icon series

It seems very likely that NBA superstar Lebron James will soon take his place at Fortnite. Dataminers Hypex and Shiina say that James will be added as a skin of the Icon Series in the next game update.

Shiina made the first claim about the arrival of James as the skin of the Icon series, while Hypex went on to go into more detail, including that players can earn rewards by completing King & # 39; s Bling: l & # 39; s missions. James' alias among basketball fans, and also his Twitter manager, is King James, and these items will become "more golden" as the missions end. If you complete them all, you will have access to a slider that allows you to customize the visible gold level of the items.

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