Forza Motorsport 7 is withdrawn from sale just four years after launch

Forza motorsport 7 is withdrawn from sale just four years after launch

Forza Motorsport 7 is a very good racing game: "One of the most beautiful and comprehensive driving simulators in history," we said in our 2017 review, marked only by a "regressive reward system" built around boxes of awards. However, less than four years after its release, Microsoft has stated that it has arrived. "End of life status, "and will therefore be withdrawn from sale on September 15th.

Anyone with the game and any DLC will still be able to access it after this date, and multiplayer and online services will continue, but new purchases of the base game and DLC will no longer be possible. Also, it will no longer be available on Xbox Game Pass, but Game Pass players who have purchased DLC for it will receive a testimonial of the game through the Xbox Message Center that will allow them to continue playing. (In other words, if you've been playing Game Pass and want to continue, it may be a good time to submit a DLC.) If you haven't received your testimonial before 2 p.m. August, access Xbox Support.

Four years seems like an absurdly short lifespan for a game, especially in a digital environment where space on the shelves and printing new copies of the game doesn’t matter. And it’s not like we’re swimming in newer Forza games – the only addition to the Forza series from Motorsport 7 is Forza Horizon 4, which came out in 2018. (And it’s also excellent, by the way.) I honestly don’t understand why Microsoft would be so eager to leave Forza 7 behind, especially considering it plans to keep multiplayer servers alive.

If you want Forza Motorsport 7 to be yours as long as you get the chance, there's good news: Microsoft has it on sale for $ 10—75% off the regular price — which will be maintained until you leave the store on September 15th.

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