Fuse and Caustic will get big fans in season 10 of Apex Legends

Fuse and caustic will get big fans in season 10 of apex legends

Season 10 of Apex Legends is near the horizon with a new legend (the stealth follower Seer), a new LMG, a pack of new Arenas maps, as well as Classified mode, and a map update World's Edge that further drowns the landscape in dangerous areas. lava pools. Beyond these eye-catching additions, Respawn also prepares some important fans of underperforming legends that could eventually inspire me to play Fuse and Caustic more often.

As shared by GameSpot, the biggest changes of season 10 come to Fuse. His Knuckle Dusters tactical ability will not only be more powerful, but his Motherlode Ultimate has a new trick, in addition to the usual circular prison of fire. The other significant buff comes from Caustic, whose toxic gas will now be more deadly over time.

What Will I Read?


  • The Knuckle Dusters tactic will last twice as long
  • The last Motherlode will highlight the enemies trapped in its radius


  • Toxic gas will now increase damage production as time goes on, starting at 5 and increasing 1 every two seconds as players spend more time in the cloud. There is no maximum damage that gas can cause.
  • The toxic gas grenade dissipates five seconds earlier than before, limiting the time its last can deny zones.

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