Gearbox confirms launch in early 2022 for Tiny Tina & # 39; s Wonderlands

Tiny tina & # 39; s wonderlands has customizable characters, spells, and melee weapons

2021 has been delayed game after game until the end of the year or until 2022, but currently Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Gearbox’s upcoming Borderlands spin-off, is sticking to its goal. When Wonderlands was announced at E3, Gearbox said it should be out in early 2022. Monday's quarterly earnings report Take-Two reiterated that window.

Take-Two lists a number of its planned versions for fiscal year 2022 in its report, including OlliOlli World which will be released sometime in the next eight months. (Take-Two's fiscal year 2022 extends to March 2022). Tiny Tina & # 39; s Wonderlands has a more specific launch window: Q4 2022, also known between January and March next year. Nothing new, then, but if Wonderlands is delayed, Take-Two has yet to make that call.

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