Genshin Impact finally becomes a real game by adding fishing to 2.1

Genshin impact finally becomes a real game by adding fishing to 2. 1

A leak of the beta version of Genshin Impact 2.1 has revealed that the featured free role-playing game will be played with the mechanics of fishing. The leak, through several sources, but focused on the relatively respectable Genshin report, says update 2.1 will include the & # 39; Watasumi Island, which is part of an archipelago near the mainland, and possibly Seirai Island too. As is often the case with Genshin, these new areas are hinted at or mentioned by previous characters, but cannot be visited until they are updated.

This makes it look like 2.1 is another patch of huge content, which continues with the absolute fire hose of the major updates that Genshin Impact has achieved this year.

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