Genshin Impact will hit the Epic Games store next week

Genshin impact will hit the epic games store next week

The mega-popular free-to-play RPG Genshin Impact was a huge success when it came out in September 2020, despite not being available in any of the regular showcases: if you want to play, the only option is to do so directly via the MiHoYo website. That will change next week, however, when Genshin Impact makes its debut on June 9 at the Epic Games Store.

“When we developed Genshin Impact, one of our main goals has been to make the game available on a wide range of platforms so that players can play alone or together with friends regardless of how they choose to play it,” said Forrest Liu. president of MiHoYo. "The Epic Games Store is an expert in PC games and we are privileged to work with Epic to bring Genshin Impact to a wider global gaming community."

The launch of Epic Games Store will coincide with the launch of the big one Update 1.6, which will include new characters, a new Archon Quest, and a new region called Inazuma that will reportedly be more hostile than other areas of the game. Ships have also been confirmed as a new mode of transportation, and eventually players will be able to invite companions to move into their magical teapot houses once they have completed the Idle Teapot Talk mission.

Genshin's impact on the Epic Store will be compatible with PC versions of PlayStation, Android, iOS and standalone, and players will be able to claim a free bonus to the game for a limited time starting June 9th. (Use the exchange code "GenshinEpic.")

Genshin Impact is now available on the wish list at Epic games store. There is no indication that it will reach other storefronts, i.e. Steam, but I have contacted MiHoYo to ask about the possibility and will update if I receive a response.

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