Get a Blue Ice Snowball Mic for only $ 34 now ($ 21 off)

Get a blue ice snowball mic for only $ 34 now ($ 21 off)

Blue, now owned by Logitech, produces some of the best (and most popular) desktop microphones around. The Snowball iCE has been sold for years as a budget condenser microphone with a portable design and now you can get one for just $ 34.42 from Walmart. This isn’t the cheapest the microphone has ever had, but it’s the first good sale in a long time and is $ 21 below the current price on Amazon.

The Snowball iCE is a condenser microphone, similar to Blue's popular Yeti microphone. However, unlike this microphone, there is only one audio capture option: the cardioid pattern, which blocks most sound inputs except anything in front of the microphone. This makes Snowball great for anything from audio calls to Twitch broadcasts, and connects to your PC with a single USB plug.

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