Get an AVerMedia HDMI capture card for just $ 75 right now

Get an avermedia hdmi capture card for just $ 75 right now

Capture cards can be useful for recording games from a console or actually recording cap HDMI compatible device in a window of your PC. You can now get one of the best compact and affordable capture devices, AVerMedia Live Gamer Mini, for just $ 74.99. This is a $ 25 discount off the original MSRP. It has only been cheaper once before, in a brief sale last fall.

Like most modern capture cards, this is an external drive that connects via USB, so you don't need a free PCIe slot. It supports zero-delay pass-through video, so you can keep a dedicated TV / monitor out of your device while sending the broadcast to your PC. It supports recording up to 1080p / 60FPS, but not 4K or higher resolutions.

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