Get ready for marbles to be the next big sport

Get ready for marbles to be the next big sport

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I'm not sure there is a better YouTube channel than now Jelle's marble runs, home of Marbula One, the world's largest marble racing event. Yes, marble racing is a real sport. Yes, it has athletes; Will you tell me that the captain of the Minty Maniacs team, Minty Flav, is not a star on the court? I like it Blaseball, Jelle & # 39; s Marble Runs is a deliciously absurd sport of its own deep knowledge. And now it will be a video game.

Jelle & # 39; s Marble Runs released a Marble League 2021: The Game trailer on Saturday, and I like what I see. I mean, let's touch on the strengths of the trailer here:

  • "Ultra-realistic physics"
  • "A compelling story mode"
  • Design your own marble equipment
  • "Make key management decisions as the season unfolds"
  • Statistics for marble athletes
  • Multiplayer
  • Comment by Greg Woods (* the * marble racing commentator)
  • Marbles

Do the graphics in the game Jelle & # 39; s Marble Runs look absolutely rudimentary? Yes, but I say it doesn’t matter when the marble sports field is so ripe to boot. I don’t know why you’d see League of Legends on Twitch when, instead, you could see a dozen marbles being thrown down a track.

Jelle's Marble Runs will surely be a great sport because everyone can play it. You won’t control the marbles directly, of course. That would be ridiculous. They’re the athletes, you’re the coach who makes a team that can win everything. This will make this game significantly different from other marble games I like. Marble It Up!, but of course there is no way to have fun with marbles.

According to the previous trailer, Jelle's first video game will be released this fall, but it's attached to one Indiegogo campaign it appears to be struggling to reach its $ 81,817 funding goal. I don’t know what happens to the game if it falls short, but I hope the developers have the resources to weld anyway. Based on the “early development images,” it may seem pretty rough, but no sports game would prefer to play this year. A YouTube commenter sums it up well:

"Of all the sports games in the world, all the companies that tried and failed, and yet a small Youtube channel tops them ALL with a game about marbles … Bravo Jelle, until we roll!"

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