Gjallarhorn arrives at Destiny 2 as part of Bungie’s 30th birthday celebration

Gjallarhorn arrives at destiny 2 as part of bungie’s 30th birthday celebration

Amidst the excitement of today's big expansion Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Bungie also announced that it will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a free in-game event and a birthday package that includes a new dungeon, sets of ornaments, an exotic ship and a sparrow, and the big centerpiece, the famous Destiny 1 Gjallarhorn weapon.

The anniversary event, which will be free for all players, will feature a new six-player game called Dares of Eternity, with "secrets to unveil and rewards that commemorate our long and historic history." Players purchasing the 30th Anniversary package will also have access to a new three-player treasure-themed dungeon at the Cosmodrome, where players can win a new Thorn-inspired armor game, Destiny 1 weapons like Thousand Yard Stare and the Claymore sword from the 1997 Bungie RTS myth.

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