Good news: official Mass Effect pillows are back in existence

Good news: official mass effect pillows are back in existence

The BioWare gear store sells a lot of Mass Effect items, most of which reproduce the N7 logo. Pablum! You will forget the stress of your Specter mission when you are in the firm but embracing embrace of Garrus Vakarian. If you like that sort of thing, I mean (and what I mean is hugging life-size cushions of video game characters).

A new series of Mass Effect pillowcases is available in the BioWare store, having sold out at one point in the past. You can choose Garrus or Such, both in similar sultry postures. She is not absolutely sexy. Month … inviting. While this isn’t Garrus ’first turn as a pillow, it looks like the Tali pillow is new. Want to bet on whether Thane or EDI will come?

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