Google's epic CEO: "It's a rotten-minded business."

Google's epic ceo: "it's a rotten-minded business. "

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, seems to be going through the moment of his life. The incredible success of Unreal Engine and, last but not least, Fortnite, has consolidated Epic's status as one of the true giants of the industry and, from this position of strength, the company has begun to be extremely disconcerting. The most obvious indication of this is their huge ongoing battle with Apple and Google over royalties charged by these companies' app stores, a fight that seems to be just beginning.

For us ordinary people, one of the funniest things about this scenario is seeing Sweeney shoot up the differences about what he or she doesn’t like about this or that aspect of platforming and explaining why. With the Apple test over, Sweeney noticed some news Apparently, Android phones require you to install state contract tracking software in Massachusetts"And I didn't like it at all."

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