Grand Theft Auto 6 is still “early in development” and may not be released until 2025

Grand theft auto 6 is still “early in development” and may not be released until 2025 [/ embed]

It is increasingly likely that Grand Theft Auto 6 will not be released until 2025 after Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier recently corroborated the video of a filter.

Tom Henderson, publisher of Battlefield and Call of Duty, posted a video on YouTube last week detailing various rumors and predictions about Grand Theft Auto 6. Henderson said the game will take place in a modern setting that includes Vice City to some extent. , with the map changing over time in the same line as the usual Fortnite transformations. The video also rumored that GTA 6 would continue with several playable characters, including a female protagonist who will take on the role of a hacker.

Henderson also offered a prediction of the release date of GTA 6 amid all these possible rumors, saying he believes the game will be released in 2024 or 2025. The Crunch culture was cited as the most important reason why the game was so far away: Rockstar set on fire after Schreier's 2018 Kotaku report exposed the intense and crunchy development of Red Dead Redemption 2 described as "death march". A follow-up report in 2020 showed that improvements were being made, although, according to one employee, the changes were "just beginning".

While Henderson painted this release date as just a “prediction,” Jason Schreier responded to a tweet that corroborates the information Henderson provided. “Idk why everyone thinks I said GTA VI would come in 2023,” Schreier tweeted. "Everything Tom Henderson has said about the match matches what I've heard." Another tweet he further aligned himself with Henderson's video, saying that GTA 6 is still "early in development" and will have "an evolving / expanding map."

Schreier had previously estimated a 2023 launch window however he pointed out that they were his own predictions, and were made "before we entered a pandemic that has not yet stopped." He too commented on Rockstar’s work culture after his two Kotaku reports, saying he believes "Rockstar has made a conscious and deliberate effort to improve its work culture."

While both Henderson and Schreier seem to have similar information, it’s always worth taking everything that’s said with a little salt. When it’s the biggest game in the world, any piece of information is exciting – but leaks are leaks and productions on this scale change.

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