Grime is a new trippy Metroidvania with live weapons and a weird artistic style

Grime is a new trippy metroidvania with live weapons and a weird artistic style

One of the weirdest new games on display in this year's Guerrilla Collective independent showcase was Grime, "a fast-paced, unforgivable action RPG in which you crush your enemies with moving weapons." form and function ". This is a pretty wild premise. And, based on the trailer, developer Clover Bite isn’t afraid to get weird, describing his game as “striking surrealism”.

Honestly, the Guerrilla Collective trailer was just an inexplicable cut scene and it looks like it hasn’t been uploaded anywhere yet, so here are some gameplay footage the developer posted yesterday on their YouTube channel to give you a sneak peek idea of ​​what Grime really is. . Sounds great. [/ embed]

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