GTA modders attract their own 14-year project on fears of withdrawal

Gta modders attract their own 14-year project on fears of withdrawal

Grand Theft Auto modders have secured a 14-year mod for San Andreas thanks to concerns about a Take-Two withdrawal.

The modification of GTA United has existed since 2007, originally starting as two separate projects. One was working on converting the Vice City map for use in San Andreas, while the other was working on getting the Liberty City map from Grand Theft Auto 3. GTA United married the two in a mega- project, with a major update in 2012 (thank you, Eurogamer).

The project has been silent for more than a decade, but a recent wave of Take-Two that has removed even the oldest of the GTA modifications has caused its creators to take it precautionarily. A post titled "Final Chapter" went up on the GTA United website last weekend, explaining the reasons for the decision.

Gta united mod

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“Even though our team has not received any notice of withdrawal, we chose to say goodbye to our own conditions and, indeed, now all our official charges are disconnected,” the message read. “We apologize to all the people who have enjoyed playing GTA United, with many of whom we have had positive interactions, but this is a step we have deemed necessary as Take-Two and Rockstar Games seem to increasingly reject‘ Modding ’. of their games, even if they are the biggest ".

They are not wrong. Earlier this month, Take-Two issued a withdrawal for the 16-year-old modification of GTA: Liberty City, along with the modification of Vice Vice HD, Cry Cry, and GTA: Underground, a modification that combined a bunch of Rockstar maps. Reverse engineering versions of GTA 3 and Vice City were also withdrawn earlier this year.

It has been a surprise, which has been getting the internet to contemplate the existence of upcoming remasters of old GTA games or something related to GTA 6.

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