GTA Online and Red Dead Online receive new races, great summer news

Gta online and red dead online receive new races, great summer news

In a new one blog post, Rockstar has outlined the upcoming updates to both GTA Online and Red Dead Online, and in both, the races are underway. According to the message, the GTA Online summer update will "recover the car culture to a great extent." What this means, in large part, is left inaccurate, safe for suggestions on new types of races, multi-part theft missions, and new customization options.

Prior to this major update, Rockstar will present eight new racing races on May 27, as well as seven new areas for Deadline, "shortly thereafter." For anyone who has previously missed it, the Tron Shotaro motorcycle will reappear and the survival mode will also take place in new locations in Los Santos and Blaine County.

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