GTA Online players walk in endless circles to win free stuff

Gta online players walk in endless circles to win free stuff

If you’ve ever played GTA Online, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that its most dedicated players will do their best to get the brightest news on offer. In last month’s update of Los Santos Tuners, which added new clothes and painted cars, players discovered that one of the best ways to get ahead is to simply not play. Or, more specifically, go to AFK and play the game to think you are still playing.

AFK farming is not new to GTA Online, but thanks to a recent patch that affected the most common AFK methods (players usually just watch TV in the apartments and the cold), players have had to be a little more creative to passively win the Tuner XP and unlock the new clothes and free cars from the upgrade. Many, as they have noticed Dirty_Worka on Twitter, they resort to a classic: walking your character in circles for hours and hours.

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