Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons expansion introduces a siege and fishing turtle

Guild wars 2's end of dragons expansion introduces a siege and fishing turtle

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The pandemic has caused problems for many developers, including ArenaNet: last year it delayed the anticipated release of Guild Wars 2 on Steam, in order to focus on the great expansion of End of Dragons that would have to produce later this year. Then that too was delayed until early next year. Still, things are back on track, and now we look at what’s to come.

Guild Wars 2, for those who have somehow missed it, is an extremely good MMO, the kind of game that makes PCG's Phil lick his lips thinking of the dragon Mordremoth. Yes, there are many dragons around. But maybe this is about to change to End of Dragons (I mean, I'd expect that), which introduces new gameplay features, and the Cantha region, which is a new version of an area of ​​an OG Guild Wars expansion. , Factions.

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