Guilty Gear Strive silently removed references to Uyghur, Tibet, and Taiwan

Guilty gear strive silently removed references to uyghur, tibet, and taiwan

To help you understand its complicated story that spans the world, Guilty Gear Strive includes an extensive glossary in the game. But late last month, players discovered that an entry had been modified to remove references to less fantastic elements in Chinese history.

Arriving shortly after launch, patch 1.03 it was largely unremarkable. But users are enabled ResetEra (via Eurogamer) have since seen an unmentioned change in the update, reformulating two sentences on a tradition entry on "International Affairs after the Crusades" to remove references to countries such as Taiwan, Tibet and the United States. uigur.

A text comparison before and after the update

(Image credit: Bandai Namco, via Aak)

The first amended sentence omitted the mention of Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, which originally said: "Countries that had a high population density and tended to import their food, such as Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, could not solve the problems of your nation only with the availability of energy. "

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