Halo: Combat Evolved gets a complete set of mod tools from The Master Chief Collection

Halo: combat evolved gets a complete set of mod tools from the master chief collection

When Halo: Combat Evolved hit the Master Chief Collection last year, I called it "definitely the definitive edition" of Bungie's main shooter. This came with some warnings, of course, one of them is the loss of the mod scenario from the original mod scenario of the PC port, a scene born of a lot of development tools accessible through d 'Halo: Custom Edition.

This week, 343 Industries have given this mod scene a shot in the arm with the release of official modification tools for the Halo 1 version of the MCC.

At a glance, the release includes all the tools included in the original custom edition of Gearbox, a highly modifiable version of Halo that was shipped alongside the studio’s 2003 port. Scenario creators, content editors and a lot of scripts and resources to redo Halo in the way you see fit, either a fundamental reimagining of Bungie’s space opera, or Mario Kart.

Better yet, you don’t even need to have the MCC to access Halo: CE mod tools. The package is available to everyone in the Tools category of your Steam library and includes a modified development version of the game to test your creations. That said, don’t expect a fluid experience: 343 publishes these tools as is and will only provide minimal support when the general community requires it.

"These are the tools that developers use or are using," he wrote. many ways, but not all workflows can work as expected on your machine. "

This week's update also fixed a number of long-standing visual errors introduced to Halo's first PC port, which were transferred after Saber Interactive used it. as a basis for its 2011 Anniversary remaster.

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