Halo Infinite Battle Royale? Data analysts believe they have found evidence

Halo infinite battle royale? Data analysts believe they have found evidence

With a version of Halo Infinite already released, data analysts have already started diving into game file secrets. Now, it is estimated that they have found evidence of a battle royale mode courtesy of a single voice line from the game's multiplayer advertiser.

put in ResetEra this weekend, the audio file actually sounds like Halo announcer Jeff Steitzer saying the words "battle royale." This is all the evidence given, only with the word of the publisher that the line came even from the game files (i.e. Steitzer has his own Cameo page).

Although it comes from game files, however, the audio could be easily canceled or contain a placeholder, or be associated with a medal in the game that may be awarded. Others at ResetEra have also suggested that it could be related to custom games created by players, with players able to create their own modes and real battle maps in Forge.

It's worth being skeptical because 343 has already spread rumors about a real Halo battle. Shortly after the revelation, lead writer Jeff Easterling said the study he was not interested in any kind of Battle Royale mode. This sentiment was repeated by director Frank O'Connor, who nevertheless suggested that "you can probably do your own battle royale mode in Forge right now."

That said, 343 has warned that there were substantial leaks hidden within the technical test files, including major spoilers for the game's campaign, and that the studio will actively shoot down the rubble against anyone trying to ruin the story. public platforms.

Would Halo function as a stage for a hundred people? The series has always supported massive and bombastic bombs after all, and Infinity's supposed open world campaign map can provide one. But we still don’t know how much “open” we’re talking about here. In March, 343 compared the structure of the game to The Silent Cartographer, a level of the first Halo that granted free reign over a small island, saying the studio wants to extend that ethos to the entire game.

The foundations for a large-scale fight could exist, but it seems unlikely that a map will work well both as a real battle space and as a single-player space.

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