Halo Infinite bot names are great

Halo infinite bot names are great

It is a big problem for Halo that Halo Infinite multiplayer includes robots. It’s the first version of the 20-year-old series, aside from the PvE Firefight mode that debuted with Halo ODST and bots in a unique Halo 5 game mode called Warzone, which was great in theory but also full of microtransactions. Robots available in all multiplayer modes make Halo newcomers able to practice against easier opponents, and players who love Capture the Flag but don’t want to deal with other humans online can only stop. I was expecting all of this to go into Infinity's technical test, but I didn't expect the bot's names to make me laugh out loud.

I didn't really care that Infinity robots even had names, but it makes sense a posteriori. The marker would be pretty off with human names on one side and "Bot 1" "Bot 2" "Bot 3" "Bot 4" on the other. 343 Industries could also have gone by Halo series character names, but they did something much better, bringing together an eclectic set of philosophers and historical figures, deep-cut film references, and what I guess are jokes, but they work for me anyway.

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