Halo Infinite robots don’t offer you tea, at least not on purpose

Halo infinite bot names are great

343 Industries wants you to know that Halo Infinite robots definitely don’t offer you tea, at least not on purpose.

The humble tea bag is one of the most egregious acts of the games: crouching down and perching on the corpse he just killed to further rub his superiority on his cold, dead faces. It has existed since Halo first conquered the world in 2001 and, for better or worse, has become a key part of the gaming culture.

Of course, these acts are usually performed by humans, not robots. Robots are too noble for such a barbaric ritual … right? Maybe not. Durant The beta version of Halo Infinite last month, videos began to appear of robots performing the immediately recognizable action. Reddit i Twitter he went mad for artificial intelligence, which made some wonder if it was a deliberate choice of 343.

Talking to Kotaku, 343 has now confirmed that robots are not deliberately trying to bag you, as the action is the result of a hiccup. "We don't have explicit programming that tells robots to make tea or make fun of them in some way," a study representative told the site. "Robots should be cozy and fun for players of all skill levels, and a feature designed to outwit a player would go against that goal."

The main problem is that sometimes robots have trouble jumping or climbing stairs and stairs. He will then be trapped in a seemingly endless loop of animation of attempted climbing / landing, which resembles the classic tea bag.

"If this was observed shortly after a murder or near a player's body, it can definitely feel like intentional behavior," the spokesman continued. "Actually, the robot was just struggling to climb the stairs." It can be a relief or a disappointment, depending on how you feel. While it’s funny to see robots take in some of the silly things that have become an important part of our way of playing, it’s easy to see how discouraging it can be for younger players.

Halo Infinite hasn’t been the only game he’s recently fought with his robots. The beta version of Back 4 Blood caused problems at Turtle Rock Studios, with an unfortunate randomization of the voice that caused some rather racist zombies.

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