Halo Infinite will have no loot booties and their battle lasts forever

Halo infinite will have no loot booties and their battle lasts forever

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Halo Infinite multiplayer can be played for free, but don’t expect to pay to open loot boxes soon.

This afternoon, the 343 has delved into the multiplayer footage it showed earlier this weekend with a look at everything from the training academy to the armor customization. It is important to note, however, that it also gave us an idea of ​​the monetization of the game.

Predictably, Halo Infinite will feature battle passes. But these passes will not expire and will remain available to pick up once the season is over. This is something that Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been playing for a long time, opening new unlocking scales with each new season and allowing you to spend reward points freely between them, the difference is that at Infinite, you will have to pay- the.

These special game passes and events will be the way to unlock new aspects for your Spartan. 343 was clear that he didn’t want personalization to get stuck behind booty boxes or random drops. These unlocks and progression will do the same transfer between PC and console, as part of full game compatibility.

The multiplayer showcase also revealed some weirder details. You can now customize your load with a custom AI, which will comment on the battle alongside the traditional Halo advertiser. Customization can also be done offline online or with an official app.

343 also confirmed that Xbox Insiders would be eligible to participate in pre-release "flights" (Halo-speak for beta testing) before the game's final release this holiday season.

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