Halo: The Master Chief Collection brings the Flood to Fireight

Halo: the master chief collection brings the flood to fireight

Like it or not, 343 has shown no sign of slowing down Halo: The Master Chief Collection updates. About to begin this week, the MCC’s next flight (trial version) adds a renewed arena and pits the grunts of Halo 3: ODST against the fungal hordes of undead floods.

Detailed a Halo Waypoint publication last Friday, the incoming trial version includes a pretty strong list of new additions. Among the major (hah) are better customization updates for the ODST version of Firefight Horde mode that, according to a teaser image, will allow you to face the flood in Nathan Fillion’s parachute band.

Fighting the flood

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

While it may seem like a natural fit, Halo’s main games have never included zombies in their Fire Fighting survival modes. Modders have filled the gap with reworkings of existing maps inspired by Call of Duty, but it’s good to finally see Halo jump into the zombie survival cart in this final stage.

The other addition to the title is the arrival of the new Icebox map. Like Edge and Waterfall before, Icebox is being ported from the Halo Online derivative. Unlike these two, it can actually be fun to play, as it is a remake of Turf, an exclusive map of the exclusive PC version of Halo 2.

Although 343 has only tested one loading screen, we can see with good looks the distribution of the map and the new frozen aesthetic: the remake that sells the dusty streets of Mombasa de Turf for a Russian metropolis.

Icebox loading screen

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Beyond these big additions, the Season 8 flight is also experiencing a number of smaller, welcome changes. Once the file is fixed The first visual errors of the first game, Halo 1, will now allow you to use a HUD more faithful to the original design (modified to 4K resolutions). Halo 1 and 3 have been added to the custom game browser. With the right modification tools now available in the open, expect to immerse yourself in some really wild modes and maps.

343 is also testing more granular body types and voices in Reach Firefight and adding wider accessibility options, including color support options and more adjustable subtitles.

Assuming everything goes to plan, these additions should come out into the game live when season 8 arrives soon.

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