Halo: The Master Chief Collection finally shows aliens a certain love

Halo: the master chief collection finally shows aliens a certain love

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Next week, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will place a long-standing focus on the Sangheili, with new alien armor and an energetic sword-colored rainbow that will arrive with Season 7: Elite.

Sporty-jawed and occasionally voiced by Keith David, Halo’s evil alien stoics who became reluctant allies have not received as much love as their MCC Spartan counterparts. Everything is ready to change in next week’s free seasonal update, announced by 343 a tweet rather today.

Season 7 features seven new armor variations for Halo 3 Elites. The total summary was he teased a few weeks ago, and they bend more strongly towards the thickest aspect of the extraterrestrial ones, Halo Reach. They will be joined by seven new Energy Sword skins, which will dye the iconic blue leaf in all the colors of the rainbow.

A sword of pink energy

Yes, it is deep pink. (Image credit: 343 Industries)

These are joined by a more regular addition of skins to MCC titles, as part of the Season 7 reward. This week we learned that Halo Infinite releases would take a similar format to MCC seasons, with never-expiring battle passes and free points to spend on any available passes. The only difference is that Infinity's battle steps won't be free.

Keep in mind that alien fashion isn’t the only one coming with season 7. Next week they’ll also be resolving 343 at last visual errors that have existed in Halo: Combat Evolved for almost two decades, thanks to a slightly broken gearbox port that was used as the basis for later versions of the anniversary.

Season 7: Elite arrives as a free update next Wednesday, July 23rd

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