Halo's decades-old dirty PC images are finally fixed

Halo's decades-old dirty pc images are finally fixed

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection is finally solving a series of graphic hiccups that have been present in the first Halo from Gearbox Software's original PC port.

Bringing Bungie’s FPS to the PC since 2003, the port of the Halo gearbox has been the basis of all versions of Halo: Combat Evolved since then, including the Anniversary edition included in the MCC. Unfortunately, this also means that these versions have inherited various visual defects introduced into the port.

343 is now fixing (testing) fixes on Halo PC to better reflect the original version of Xbox. Missing bumpmaps have been reintroduced into dozens of textures, transparency issues have been fixed, energy shields change color again when fired, and the absent fog that appears in the Assault in the control room it has returned among many smaller changes.

It is true that none of these were innovative changes. But it was weird that Halo's PC ports looked much worse than the 2003 originals (even if they had high-resolution resolutions and playable frame rates). Fans have been waiting for almost two decades for these problems to be resolved.

Season 7 of the Master Chief Collection also continues the 343 trend introducing new content to Halo 3 multiplayer. Elites have been given new armor customization options that reflect its larger appearance in Halo Reach onwards, while another map, Edge, comes from Halo Online. Hopefully it’s better than Waterfall, eh?

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