Hardspace: Shipbreaker wrecks now come with a radiation warning

Hardspace: shipbreaker wrecks now come with a radiation warning

Crushed. Frozen. Choked. It exploded. Dismantling the puzzling puzzles of Hardspace: Shipbreaker is already a tough gig. But now, the developer has released a radiation warning to the zero-gravity scrap simulator with this week’s new update.

Some Hardspace ships now come equipped with radiation filters that will properly begin to filter out dangerous radio waves when they are evacuated. Naturally, this will slowly begin to deteriorate your health on exposure, but interestingly, these emissions will also affect the rest of the ship, causing degradation and weakening of nearby materials.

Radioactive materials are also flammable, so be especially careful around fuel lines and engine cores. This week’s update also tweaks the user interface to your habitat core, making things clearer before a full rework later.

It's a small, neat update coming in the wake of a much bigger overhaul last month gave Hardspace the start of a fully voiced campaign. In the last year, Blackbird has been constantly adding new ships (some of them persecuted) to the formation of game wrecks. But the core of the game, separating a starship like a billion-dollar onion, remains as satisfying as ever.

Remember you have to pack a Geiger counter on your next turn, eh?

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