Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind expansion will add mounts, tools, search lines and translatable letters

Hearthstone’s united in stormwind expansion will add mounts, tools, search lines and translatable letters

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I have to admit I made a double catch when I initially read the message sent by Blizzard for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion and saw the “Tradeable” cards between the dots. Had the maniacs finished and done it? Turns out they haven’t. They are not cards that can be exchanged with other players; instead, Tradeable is a new keyword that allows you to exchange this card for a random one from your deck. So actually trade with yourself. Forever, etc.

Thematically, the Tradeable keyword is very well related to the Stormwind configuration of the set, as the vast Alliance City has a sizeable business district. The expansion, which will launch on August 3, continues with the arc that began with the Forged in the Barrens ensemble, flavored with the March Horde, which tells the story of 10 lucky mercenaries — one for each class — which effectively serve as representatives of the initial WoW characters. .

In addition to the narrative film, United in Stormwind comprises 135 cards and adds several new mechanics. These are the key aspects:

Pay Mana to exchange a tradeable card for a new one

Any card with the new Tradeable keyword can be exchanged for another of the deck, for a price. Drag the card from the hand to the deck, pay 1 Mana and a substitute will come out. The idea here is to add more consistency to your fight, as it will allow you to change situational cards that you don't currently need in hopes of finding something you do. A good example is Rustroot Viper, a 3-Mana 3/4 beast with Battlecry: destroy your opponent's weapon. If you are not facing a class that normally uses weapons, you may want to abandon the device. Although we're talking about guns …

Click to enlarge: Marketable cards should provide decks with greater flexibility at a reduced cost, as basic statistics are good. (Image credit: Blizzard)

Professional tools are cards that are fitted in the slot of the weapon, but have no attack value. Instead, they have passive effects that produce particular conditions. For example, Paladin's binocular jewelry kit says, "After a friend boy loses the divine shield, he gives minions in his hand + 1 / + 1. He loses 1 durability." The tools are also not restricted to traditional Hearthstone weapons-focused classes. Bad Mithril Rod is a wizard tool that reduces the cost of the cards you have in your hand each time you draw 4 cards. The developers told me that not all tools will affect the cards you have in your hand, some will interact with the board.

Click to enlarge: Profession tools seem meant to foster niche archetypes, in this case Divine Shield Paladin and Big Hand Warlock. (Image credit: Blizzard)

Complete Questlines in three parts

The latest evolution of Hearthstone's Quest mechanics is to complete three steps to obtain a new version of the legendary mercenary of this class, each of which has a powerful bonker effect. Keep in mind that you will get a smaller reward by marking the preliminary steps of the path, as the idea is that these missions are less festive or famous than the old ones, in the sense that you can still get some benefit even if you don’t get the whole fact. .

Demon Seed, which is the Warlock mission, requires you to take more and more damage in turn. However, as you reach your goal thresholds, you'll deal 3 damage to your opponent's face with Lifesteal, restoring some of the health you've lost in the process. The advantage of all this sadomasochism is Blightborn Tamsin, a 5-Mana 7/7, who his Battlecry says, "For the rest of the game, the damage you can in turn will damage your opponent." I wouldn't expect too many more twists when this effect is in play and the Warlock player will fight furiously in the face with Flame Imps

Click to enlarge: Complete the Mage Quest and Dawngrasp will give you a monstrous Spell Damage lover for the rest of the game. (Image credit: Blizzard)

Click to enlarge: Wizards are no strangers to getting hurt, which they will have to do a lot to bring down those of Tamsin us online effect. (Image credit: Blizzard)

Select your minions with new mounting spells

As our intrepid mercenaries continue their journey through the iconic early Azeroth areas, it makes sense that they need trusted horses. The mounts are buff spells, as is Paladin's old Spikeridged horse, which adds a stack of stats to the kid you threw it at, but also leaves those stats when the kid is destroyed. (The idea was that what was left was the mountain they were "riding").

While it may not be the most exciting card cycle, there is definitely the potential for the mounts to be powerful. The Hunter version is called Ramming Mount, costs 3 Mana and says, "Give a + 2 / + 2 minion and Immune as you attack. When he dies, summon a RAM." It is a powerful effect that allows instant damage and keeps your creature alive. while negotiating and making it more engaging in future combat. As for the Priest variant, which costs 7 and gives + 4 / + 7 and Taunt, I already have cold sweats.

Click to enlarge: Not all classes will receive an assembly card, but for those who do it seems to be strong spells (albeit a bit off). (Image credit: Blizzard)

Another card worth calling is Flightmaster Dungar. It’s a legendary neutral draft that is given to all players as a login bonus and, as is now becoming traditional, has a pretty crazy effect that should make fighters ’brains work overtime. to get the most out of it.

Click to enlarge: The power of Dungar's Battlecry depends on the length of your journey. (Image credit: Blizzard)

Dungar’s 3/3 strategy for 3-Mana doesn’t raise his eyebrows, but he does fall asleep when you put him into play. You will be given the Discover option to decide how many turns it takes before Dungar wakes up. When you do, it will be accompanied by a more powerful effect (see above) depending on the length of the nap. It seems like the kind of fun card that doesn't require you to build the whole fight, but to fit various archetypes. Again I’m worried he might be pretty good at Priest.

Aside from all the new standard cards, Blizzard is also causing a major upgrade to Battlegrounds mode, with a big bag in the minion pool and new cosmetics that include replacement bartenders. Read more here.

As always, the new expansion includes a couple of pre-order package flavors, the largest of which includes Lady Katrana Prestor’s alternate character art, which is for the Mage class.

The mega-package costs $ 79.99 and includes the following:

  • 80 United Stormwind card packs – plus 5 Golden card packs (containing all Golden cards)
  • Two random Golden Legendary cards from United to Stormwind
  • Lady Katrana Prestor Alternative Hero
  • The Lady Katrana Prestor card is back
  • Advantages for Hearthstone Battlegrounds that last until the next expansion
  • Ve’nari Alternative Bartender for Hearthstone Battlegrounds

The smallest pack will provide you with $ 49.99 for 60 packs, two random legendary cards and the Lady Katrana Prestor card. You can find the rest of the letters revealed today in the gallery below.

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Attached to stormwind ad letters.

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Attached to stormwind ad letters.

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Attached to stormwind ad letters.

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Attached to stormwind ad letters.

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Attached to stormwind ad letters.

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Attached to stormwind ad letters.

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