Hellraiser's Pinhead can now be played on the Dead by Daylight test server

Hellraiser's pinhead can now be played on the dead by daylight test server

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrcD6Rhs-N8 (/ embed)

After a series of cryptic tips, Pinhead DIY disaster footage of Hellraiser movies has reached Dead by Daylight through the asymmetric multiplayer slasher player test.

Pinhead arrives at DBD as The Cenobite as part of yesterday 5.2.0 PTB Update. His skills largely consist of summoning chains to slow down survivors, fixing them until he can come to kill. But having Pinhead on the map will also generate a Lament setting: the damn Hellraiser puzzle box that, when left alone, will summon chains to hunt survivors.

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