Henchman Story is a superhero satire by the former writer of Outer Worlds

Henchman story is a superhero satire by the former writer of outer worlds

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Have you ever wondered what the Gentiles face when they are not mistreated? almostuntil death by Batman, or being tied in a big web against a police station? True not, but luckily Henchman Story it is here to fill in the gaps. It's a superhero satire in which you play Stan, one of the minions of an ineffective, small-scale supervillain named Lord Bedlam.

In this visual novel with voice, you will see a world full of superheroes and supervillains through the eyes of a (mostly) average joe, who signed up to work for Lord Bedlam, as the benefits are really pretty good, at least compared to the life of the straight and narrow.

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