Here are the parents of the video game celebrating Father’s Day today

Here are the parents of the video game celebrating father’s day today

Father games have been in vogue for a while, long enough to even see their successors, daughter games, after them. Think Dishonored 2, or … every season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead after the first one. Either way, father and offspring are enough for a genre that today has several tributes to Father’s Day parents:

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The Witcher 3 is absolutely a father game, with Geralt driving throughout the game to find and protect his adopted daughter, despite her prickly exterior. CD Projekt decided to celebrate the day with the slightest video of a hug, not with the more traditional father-daughter bond of teaching your adopted neighborhood how to fight swords, but I can accept that, I guess.

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Definitely a buy-one-get-one-free: The first dishonorable is a parenting game, even if it is left with serious implications that Corvo is Emily's father during the first game, she must be rescued just like a daughter (while drawing adorable and / or nefarious images) . Dishonored 2, which optionally stars Corvo or Emily, now an adult, claims their relationship unambiguously and many see the sequel as an example of the daughter game. Parkour is a lovely way to spend Father’s Day – much better than being turned to stone by a witch.

Hades becomes the better of the two worlds as a child's play, because Zagreus 'father — Hades, of course — is right there, hindering Zagreus' emotional journey. Seva journey it’s also about stepping out of the underworld to find her mother, whom she’s never had a chance to meet. But despite their struggles as a family, Supergiant suggests that they can still retreat and fish, which inexplicably always has time in the underworld.

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Honorable mention to Kratos, who is perhaps the father of the game's parents, because God of War is not on PC.yet. With the tendency for PlayStation exclusives to be less exclusive, this can end, letting more people see this very old man slapping his hands the size of a man on the head of a small child. What is, I think, the heart of parenting games.

We recently wrote about PlayStation exclusives that we want to get to PC, where you’ll spot some well-known father (and daughter) games.

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