Here is 7 minutes of System Shock remake game

Here is 7 minutes of system shock remake game [/ embed]

The long-awaited remake of System Shock, which is as expected, has a new gameplay length so your eyeballs can check it out, following our brave hacker through the bowels of Research for seven minutes. It’s a good part of the game, showing some hackers, some exploring, some finding alternative routes, and even some appearing in some rounds to cyborgs and mutants. It’s a good reminder of how far Nightdive has gotten the remake for expanded development; Personally, I'm a big fan of these UI improvements.

Kill the player who empties the shotgun ammunition into a giant robot that they have no hope of defeating. So good.

We recently sat down with Nightdive Studios in talk about the System Shock demo, delving into details like the dismemberment system, cyberspace minigames, and the return of the dynamic music system. You can check out the demo on some platforms, but it’s good: it contributes to the feeling that game demos are back, girl.

System Shock is a fundamental game in the history of shooters, which branched out and turned the immersive genre into sim that later gave us games like Bioshock, Dishonored and more. It's the story of a hacker who wakes up on a space station, Citadel Station, and finds a world of cyber horrors under the control of AI SHODAN, one of PC Gaming's most iconic antagonists.

You can find the Nightdive Studios System Shock remake Epic, GOG, i Steam.

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