Here's a fascinating montage of 3D artists using the same animation

Here's a fascinating montage of 3d artists using the same animation [/ embed]

A competition between 3D artists to create a short scene centered around the same animation has garnered more than 2,400 entries, and the top 100 have been compiled into a nearly 9-minute montage of animation talent. The CG challenge of alternative realities, directed by a 3D artist pwnisher via YouTube, it provided nothing more than animation to work with. The results are quite fascinating, ranging from the hilarious to the serious, from pop culture to original wild worlds and historical views.

All the scenes depicted revolve around the same animation on foot, someone clearly pulling a heavy load or dragging it on their back. The range, from here, is incredible: views of science fiction, gods and monsters. Otters in Napoleonic uniform with a cannon. A father carrying a huge teddy bear on his back for his daughter. There is also intensity, like a horrible scene in the concentration camp of World War II. Everything is ready for a fascinating music by the creator of Spotify Fever.

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