Here’s a PC case that looks like a super heavy Warhammer 40k tank

Here’s a pc case that looks like a super heavy warhammer 40k tank

We’ve all seen a lot of case modifications, but I haven’t seen one dedicated to a single fandom in a while: Created in the image of a Stormblade Super-Heavy Tank of Warhammer 40,000. The version, posted on Reddit and by a Russian designer who goes through Alex, IncCaseCrafting or Megolet, is made mostly from sheets of what looks like laser-cut birch plywood. Weighing between 20 and 25 kilograms, that is, 45-55 pounds or 3-4 stones, it is a beast of a construction not only in construction, but in detail.

Here's the inside, which has what Megolet considered a test version of an i9, RTX 2060 and EATX motherboard. For now, though, it’s empty: with Megolet saying they “don’t have decent hardware” for the final version, which will include liquid cooling.

A custom construction that looks like a warhammer 40,000 stormblade tank model

(Image credit: IncCaseCrafting, Megolet)

My favorite part of construction, though, is cable management: Megolet didn’t make any. "There's no cable management," they posted saying they couldn't "force me to do it."

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