Here’s Skyrim with over 500 modifications and ray tracing

Here’s skyrim with over 500 modifications and ray tracing

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Digital Dreams is a YouTube channel that specializes in presenting games to the brightest, like the time when Breath of the Wild ran in 8K with a change of ray trace. This recent video takes the Skyrim Special Edition, the remastering of the 2011-2016 game, and gives it a full 4K makeover with a ray stroke and a sort of ridiculous magic sword.

The foliage has a colorful look, the improved sounds of wind and insects make these natural environments look a little more vivid and the weather effects like rain and lightning are impressive (courtesy of Obsidian climates and seasons, a mod I use myself). The video takes care to stay in the third person, avoid a fight beyond a ridiculous-looking fight with a wolf, and stay away from interacting with the porcelain doll that modders love to make NPCs; there is a mysterious dead lady propped up against a fallen tree. -and minutes and a half, but it's still fun to see what Skyrim looks like to its limits a decade after the original was released.

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