Here's the first way to play Superbrothers' ultra-pacifist space simulator, Jett: The Far Shore

Here's the first way to play superbrothers' ultra-pacifist space simulator, jett: the far shore

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Superbrothers A / V, the indie suit that made Sword and Sworcery in 2011, turned around last year when it introduced its next game, Jett: The Far Shore. This revealing trailer didn't say much beyond "space" and "cold vibrations," but that was corrected a year later with an in-depth gameplay trailer that was shown during the broadcast on real time Sony of Play.

Developed jointly by Superbrothers A / V and Pine Scented, Jett is an exploratory action game that centers around your spaceship in flight (called a "jet"). You'll spend the day tracing an unexplored "mythical oceanic planet" to track down something called a "hymn wave sign" and avoid the planet's less friendly creatures.

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